How Mugger Slugger Uses Cookies

Last Updated on August 9th, 2018

I. Introduction
This website stores information in small text files and these are referred to as cookies. There are several types of cookies - some are saved to the workstation or device while others are used only for a session and later discarded. If you do not accept any type of cookies, you may not be able to view most websites on the internet today, revoking the advantage of popular customization features (i.e., to view local news, weather reports, stock quotes or even record your online preferences). A cookie may contain a record of the pages visited on a website and this information can be used to customize the user experience that will be presented during the next visit.

In any case, a website can only store and use information that is provided by the end user. And in the case of Mugger Slugger, we take this matter seriously when issuing any cookie related to user experience. Our systems only ask for information when it is absolutely required and we never share personal data related to email address, telephone number, physical location, credit card or IP address by means of cookies. That is done to protect your personal data while ensuring our compliance to key standards.

II. Permanent and Temporary Cookies
The cookies saved on your computer have distinct roles as outlined by the website which created them. A permanent cookie is stored as a file on the computer or device even after the browser is closed and can be read from the website that created it the next time a user visits the site in question. A temporary cookie is stored only for the duration of a current session or timeframe and is removed from the computer accordingly: this closure can be caused by a specific command, by closing the browser, by exceeding the threshold timelimit or by using a different URL from the site that generated the cookie.

Mugger Slugger uses both types of cookies as part of its overall data strategy. Permanent cookies employed for the purpose of user accounts are secured using opportunistic encryption of an acceptable standard, and our second shield Profile protection is a free service that adds another layer of trust to protect your information further.

III. First-Party and Third-Party Cookies
First-party cookies are those created by the website currently being accessed (or sent to it) and are generally used to store information such as the preferences of the user who is visiting a website. Third-party cookies are created by a website other than the one displayed — or sent to it. As an example, sites which deploy elements for the expressed purpose of behavioral advertising originate on third-party websites which, in turn, may use cookies or pixels. Elements of this type are generally used to record the use of a webpage for digital marketing purposes and can generate additional cookies which are either permanent or temporary in nature.

Below is the list of third parties that Mugger Slugger uses on this site for digital marketing purposes with links to their Terms and Conditions:


For more information on cookies and how you can manage them, please refer to this page for assistance. You can easily manage cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari by following the instructions on this website.

IV. Browser configuration
Browsers can be configured to control acceptance of First-Party and Third-Party cookies. Generally speaking, configuration options that disable the use of cookies is linked to the management of privacy in your browser controls. Beyond the cookie banner alerting you to these terms and conditions, you cannot logon to this site without first accepting this policy and Mugger Slugger tracks each logon instance to demonstrate your consent.

V. Specific Use
Our services may keep record of the websites and pages that users and customers visit when connected to an Mugger Slugger contracted domain in order to determine what services and interest areas are the most popular. This can be done via website, chat or messenging service as well as outbound email, and this data is used to deliver customized content and advertising reflective of past online behavior. Collected information about computer hardware and software is used solely for online user experience. Your IP Address, browser type, access times and referring websites are used for the operation of the service, to maintain and optimize ongoing quality of our services and to provide general statistical breakdowns of the overall community that is using our websites, whether they are directly associated with Mugger Slugger or contracted as clients.

Our reasons for collecting this data is to either: 1> improve customer experience, 2> improve performance for our clients, or 3> deliver reliable and efficient communication between users and online brands or website operators. Under no circumstances do we permit or promote usage of Mugger Slugger until this policy is accepted.

Mugger Slugger does not sell, rent or lease any customer list or personal data to third parties. Credit card data is tokenized to ensure PCI-compliance standards; and therefore, we do not collect this information directly, so our merchant gateway solution maintains governance of those transactions via approved encryption standards for your protection.

VI. Right to be Forgotten
Mugger Slugger operates on the principle that every person has the inherent right to be forgotten by any of our services, in accordance with established EU standards and policy. To that end, any personal data that we have accumulated can be accessed by contacting us through the website by clicking Contact Us, while your billing and invoice history is instantly available with a username and password dedicated to your account. This information can also be deleted by using the same Contact Us feature and this deletion process will be fulfilled in accordance with EU guidelines, by removing any personally-identifiable link to this data.