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"Anyone who is aware of his environment knows that the peril of physical assault does exist, and that it exists everywhere and at all times ... Be aware. Be ready. Be alert."
Jeff Cooper, Principles of Personal Defense

How can you overcome the dangers and fear of violent crime?

Can you protect the people in your life?

Your MuggerSlugger comes with these guarantees:

  • A two-year shelf-life at maximum strength.
  • It will drop an attacker instantly with a single cone-shaped blast.
  • Lifetime replacement on a unit if you ever use it to save your life.

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Protecting one person from a violent crime won't change the world,
but for every person we defend the world changes forever.

Since 1977, MuggerSlugger™ has been a national company that specializes in providing quality education to the public on personal-safety matters. We have a team of highly trained crime prevention consultants that travel the country teaching professional groups (such as real estate agents and other business organizations) about how to keep themselves safe on the job, on the streets, and at home. Last year representatives from our company trained over 10,000 people on how to defend themselves.

And what we've discovered from these sessions in the field is that statistics do not tell the full story about crime on a personal level. Too often, victims don't report crime fearing that not much can be done and, for those who do, the costs can be devastating, including suicidal or depressive thoughts that stem from the trauma of an attack itself. Significant relationships and lifestyles can become ruptured with family, friends and co-workers as collateral damage. Please, take the first step by empowering and educating the ones you love with the tools and confidence they need when confronted with an emerging threat.

More than 1 million violent crimes* are committed each year in the United States - don't be the next statistic!

Some of Our Security Seminar Clients

* Please note: violent crime statistics reflect murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault events only.

MuggerSlugger™ guarantees every product for two years from its date of purchase.

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