Self-Defense for Real Estate Agents

Our latest Mugger Slugger Defense Concepts Safety Program teaches real estate agents about how to stay safe when conducting normal business activities such as showing houses to new prospects, holding open houses and a whole lot more. MuggerSlugger™ reminds you that no sale is worth risking your life and no commission can overcome the loss from a violent act! Learn more »
Safety for real estate agents goes well beyond a door.

This timely program teaches Real Estate agents how to place habits, tactics and important tools between themselves and potential threats that come in a variety of methods. This awareness training dramatically reduces the odds of becoming a victim of violent crime and the tragic implications for survivors.

It is a powerful educational experience that combines audience participation, demonstration and crime prevention tips to accelerate learning and increase retention of some very important strategies designed to enhance safety during work hours. This high energy presentation is informal, personal and punctuated with some lesser-known information to keep everyone in your office engaged and involved.

MuggerSlugger™ has been teaching Americans about personal safety since 1975 — at work or inside their homes, on the road or while on vacation. If you are a real estate agent, it is important to understand why violent attacks are increasing throughout the industry and how safety planning must become a key part of your overall training.

Some of Our Security Clients

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Dramatically reduce the odds of becoming a violent crime statistic.


Crime Prevention is Education

In this Real Estate Safety Program, you will learn:

  • How to screen callers to determine if there's a safety risk.
  • Some enhanced procedures when meeting prospects for the first time.
  • Why verifying the true identity of your prospects is critical.
  • These important open-house procedures are critical steps to being safe in the field.
  • How wireless devices can play a huge role in personal and professional safety.
  • Why creating a proper coded distress signal for your home and office could save your life.
  • How you can determine if your prospect may have criminal intentions.
  • Why protecting your personal safety zone is job one.
  • Did you know that your voice is the first line of self-defense.
  • Should I take a Martial Arts class?
  • Should I carry a weapon? Let's discuss the pros and cons. (Guns, Knives, Stun Guns, Whistles, Sirens and Self-Defense Sprays)
  • And much, much more!
Saefty for real estate agents is evolving all the time.

Why Are These Safety Seminars Free?

Simply put — Mugger Slugger Defense Concepts is a self-defense training organization that is fully subsidized by offering the most powerful and effective self-defense pepper spray on the market called MuggerSlugger™. Our presenters are dedicated professionals who are concerned about your safety above all other things. We were the first company to offer a key-chain device that contained the same liquid self-defense that is used by a growing number of law enforcement agencies. This warranted item is reasonably priced and made available at the end of each program for attendees to purchase at their own discretion, so there is never any obligation to buy our products.

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